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With over 15 years of experience in the business, we’re proud to offer only the very best quality in product and professional service, all at a competitive rate.

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Whether it’s a wedding, birthday or a special event, we have marquees to suit a wide range of events. Just call to discuss your unique requirements.

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Marquee Hire Croydon

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If you are looking for an experienced, local and professional marquee hire in Croydon company, we’re probably the perfect partner for you! At Croydon Marquees We hire only the very best quality heavy duty clear span marquees. A fire proof, rain proof cover sits on a 4” X 2” aluminium frame.

Slotted into a joint called a kader the sides can not be pulled out by wind, followed by a steel ground bar that fits in a pocket at the bottom of the PVC side which locks into the legs of the marquee. This will keep you and your guest secure, safe, warm and dry in the most inclement weather.

Our marquees come in 10ft’ 15ft’ 20ft’ 30ft’ widths in multiples of 10ft’ bay lengths.

High Quality Marquees

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Safety First

Croydon Marquees takes the safety of you and your guests very seriously. Our products are made to the highest standard, ensuring you can enjoy your event to the fullest.


We have a range of add-ons and extras ready for use. These include chandeliers, dance floors and chairs to name a few. Give us a call to see how helpful we can be!

All marquee packages come with your heavy duty marquee, flooring with an under sheet, lights suitable for the size of your marquee, 20 standard bistro chairs and 3 tables.